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Citation Program

The Kent County Association of REALTORS® Ethics Citation Program aims to improve the process of reporting and resolving complaints. An Ethics Citation program is an alternative to the lengthy and time-consuming ethics complaint process. Respondents may elect to choose to pay a fine and take education to learn from specific Code of Ethics Violations, rather than go through what can be a lengthier and more expensive hearing process. The Citation Program, which took effect beginning May 23, 2018 , is part of KCAR’s ongoing effort to ensure fairness and integrity in real estate transactions according to the Realtor® Code of Ethics. The Citation Program is intended to increase professionalism in the marketplace for our membership, streamline the ethics hearing process, and protect the interests of the general public.

How the Citation Program Works:

  1. A Realtor® or member of the public files an Ethics Complaint through the KCAR website.
  2. The complaint goes to the Grievance Committee for review.
  3. If the Grievance Committee decides the Articles cited in the complaint make the case eligible for the Citation Program, the case goes to the Citation Panel.
  4. If the Respondent agrees to the Citation, he/she pays the standard, pre-set fine set forth by the Board of Directors and attends the educational class required.

How the Citation Program Benefits Complainants and Respondents:

  • For Complainants, if your complaint is forwarded to the Citation Panel, less time may be involved. However, if the Respondent elects to have a hearing, the Complainant must be prepared to attend.
  • For Respondents, the Citation Program avoids a burdensome and time consuming hearing process. Respondents may elect NOT to use the Citation Program and proceed with a full hearing.