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To coordinate fundraisers to support charitable organizations around the region, to support the social committee in event planning, execution, and sponsorships, and to recruit new affiliate members by explaining the benefits of becoming an affiliate member through networking event or other means. This committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors on changes and pricing to the affiliate program.


To seek out nominations from the membership for all KCAR awards. This committee is charged with the task of seeking out nominations, reviewing applications, and awarding a yearly REALTOR® of the Year (ROTY) award and Good Neighbor award. The committee may also add additional awards for member recognition at the Annual Installation & Holiday Party.

Budget & Finance

To make financial recommendations to the Board of Directors and membership on the Association’s behalf to help continue the growth of the Association and execute budgeted financial expenditures. This committee will help set and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors on the yearly budget. This committee will also discuss financial expenditures that are not part of the yearly budget and make recommendations to the board.


To discuss and recommend changes to the general membership to align with the everchanging environment of the Association. The bylaws of KCAR must be in the best interest of the majority of the membership while aligning with NAR standards. This committee will also recommend and make changes to the Association’s Policy & Procedures Manual.

Diversity, Inclusion and Leader Empowerment

Through synergistic, collaborative efforts, Kent County Association of REALTORS® unites to engage and empower its members to advocate for real property rights, enhance professionalism and build strong community resource connections with oversight and accountability in governance.


To review the members needs and plan credited and non-credited classes to meet the members’ educational needs. Classes shall include required Continuing Education for all members (including new member orientation & classes), electives courses, nonCE classes to improve business practices, and to expose members to new available technology. The committee will explore new classes, instructors, and new classroom technologies to provide a diverse and exciting curriculum.  Do you have suggestions for classes or workshops needed?


Coordinate all aspects of the golf tournament, which is held annually, to raise money for the Scholarship Fund. This committee will raise funds to sponsor and pay for this event.  This committee, along with Association Staff, will work together to plan, schedule, and execute a successful event. This committee will work in conjunction with the Scholarship committee.

Government Affairs

To maintain a pro-active stance on local, state, and national issues and to encourage participation though Calls for Action. This committee advocates for real estate related issues to preserve the integrity of real estate though lobbying efforts. This committee works in conjunction with the RPAC Trustees Committee to solicit voluntary political contributions, organize fundraising events and recommend expenditures for the purpose of assisting real estate-supported candidates to win election to office.


To review code of ethics complaints and arbitration requests of any article of the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics.

KCAR RPAC Trustees

To solicit voluntary political contributions, organize fundraising events and recommend expenditures for the purpose of assisting real estate-supported candidates to win election to office and to meet the Association’s RPAC fundraising goal established annually by the DelPAC trustees. This committee, in conjunction with Government Affairs, maintains a proactive stance on local, statewide, and national issues and encourages involvement through National, State, and Local Calls for Action.


To keep the membership updated on Lock Box issues and to ensure that KCAR members are provided with the least cost/most benefit system. The committee will review and recommend changes to lockbox rules & regulations, review and set processes to manage lockbox inventory, and to review/discuss/recommend lockbox products & services to the board of directors when the current contract of the lockbox system is coming to an end.


To solicit REALTOR® members of the Association to serve as Officers and Directors for the following year. This committee is charged with reviewing and recommending changes to the board of directors’ application, soliciting applicants, reviewing applications, recommending applicants for offices, and recommending to the board of directors a proposed slate of officer to be voted on during the general election.

Professional Standards

To serve as a hearing panel to hear matters of alleged unethical conduct by member of the Association or to provide arbitration.


To annually select the recipient(s) of the scholarships provided by KCAR for local Kent County high school students towards attending college. The committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors on changes to the application and the number of scholarships and their dollar amounts. This committee will work in conjunction with the Golf Committee.


To coordinate and volunteer at social events such as the Oyster Dinner, Summer BBQ, Installation/Holiday Party, and other functions that provide the membership the opportunity to socialize and interact with other members and affiliate organizations. The committee will come up with new and exciting outlets for networking while creating a positive and fun atmosphere. This committee will work in conjunction with the Affiliate Committee to help plan, gain sponsors, and incorporate charitable giving into the social events.

Strategic Planning

To create a plan to create a clear vision and path for the future of the Association. This plan will guide staff, the board of directors, and volunteer members on decision making to achieve goals to better the Association and create better value proposition for members. The committee will create a plan that will be followed and to be rewritten or modified after no more than three years with a yearly review by the committee and approved by the board of directors.

Young Professionals Network

No age limit required to join!  Formerly known as the Rookie Realtors Club, the goal of KCAR's Young Professional Network (YPN) Committee is to help members of all levels of expertise access and engage with all the benefits offered.

We empower REALTORS® to connect with industry experts, gain valuable insight on emerging trends in real-time navigating the ever-changing real estate industry, and engage with like-minded professionals through collaborative networking to help grow business.  In addition, KCAR YPN actively engages with New Agents acclimating to all the benefits KCAR has to offer as well as supports the Affiliate Committee, Social Committee, and Golf Committee.