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As KCAR continues to send out critical information, it's important that KCAR have all of your updated information, such as name change, contact information, brokerage change, etc.


KCAR and DREC Updates


Per KCAR's Bylaws - Article V, Section 6(a) - Status Changes - A REALTOR® who changes the conditions under which he/she holds membership shall be required to provide written notification and the Office Transfer Forms to the Association within 5 days.


Your Sentrilock access may be suspended if your updates are not received by KCAR within 5 days of Brokerage Change.


Please log into your KCAR portal today and update your information and or you can download our KCAR Member Update form.


If you have changed your Brokerage Office, please complete the REALTOR® Broker Change Notification form and be sure to include your completed DREC forms: Real Estate Transfer – Statement of Previous Broker of Record AND Statement of New Employing Broker of Record.


Please email the office at for any and all changes.

For other DREC Real Estate forms, please visit their website for the most updated versions.

Inactive & Reactivating Licenses

If you hold an active license but are not practicing in Delaware, you may request to place your license in inactive status by submitting a Service Request in DELPROS and paying the status change fee.


You must request inactive status before the expiration date of your license. If your expiration date has passed, you must first renew your license, then request inactive status. You cannot practice in Delaware while your license is in inactive status.

To maintain your inactive license, you must renew it in DELPROS before the expiration date. Renewal will keep your license in inactive status for two more years. No CE is required at the time of renewal. You are not allowed to practice in Delaware while your license is inactive.

To resume practicing in Delaware, you must reactivate your license by submitting a Service Request in DELPROS along with a fee and proof of continuing education.

If you fail to reactivate during the period, your license will expire. If you wish to resume practicing after your license has expired, you must reapply in DELPROS as a new applicant.

For more information on requesting inactive status or reactivating an inactive license, please visit DREC's webpage on License Renewals.

Bright MLS Updates


Changing offices?


The fastest way to start your transfer process is to visit your Account & Settings page and select the Agent Transfer option.


Need to transfer listings?


If you are an agent who needs to move listings to a new office, log in to Bright and click your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose Account & Settings.

Under the My Subscription tab, choose Agent Listing Transfer.


If you are a broker who needs to approve or decline pending listing transfers, log in to Bright and click your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose Account & Settings. Under the My Brokerage tab, choose Listing Transfer Requests. Click the links below to log in and access this information.



Do you work for an agent who's transferring to a new office?


If you are an assistant to an agent who is moving to a new office and you want to move as well, download our Personal Assistant Transfer form to start that process.

This form must be completed and signed by your new Broker or Office Manager.

Email the completed form to


Contact Bright MLS

We are here to help you make the most of your Multiple Listing Service (MLS) experience.

The Customer Support Center is available 7 days a week to assist you at 1.844.552.7444.